Friday, August 1, 2014

New pen, New illustration

A new illustration im obsessed with!
For a long time I have been using a really bad intuos pen, it broke once and never worked again as it should but I used it because  you can´t ring the pens where I live. But a few weeks ago I realized that I really needed it.. so I ask for one and few days later it arrived.
Thank God it did! Because  I was getting crazy with the other one.
As a celebration for  my new pen I did an illustration of a girl, some fairies and bubbles... I love fairies and thought that would be nice for them to meet a pretty girl o maybe a mermaid, I didn't wanted to show you so you could imagine what kind of girl, fairy or mermaid was.
I hope you  like it, as I said I´m obsessed with it, I even have it  as a wallpaper!!!

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