Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Lost and found

I know.. I know... I know... I never post illustrations nor sketches here.
Why? I have no idea.

Maybe is because I have been asking myself so many questions about my illustrations like.. why should I do with them? Am I happy with them? What should I draw? What do I want to say with them? Do I really like what I do? kawaii?
To be completely honest I have not found any answer, however, I feel like I´m changing as a person  and it has been affecting my art/design. So far, what I know about me is that I´m not as naif as I thought I was and I needed time to realise  how much I love drawing, refresh my senses and see the world from another perspective. As I mentioned before, I´m changing and part of the changes that I am having and trying to embrace is a need to see male figures as we see females. There´s too much sexiness in the world to be hog by girls!

Well, since I´m trying to embrace what I feel and see, this is my response to my own complaint. Interesting I might say. The inspiration came to me while listening to the great Troye Sivan´s Bite, just felt the song and the image came to my mind. I must say that I tried to do it as a realistic illustration but my  heart said no and pushed me to do it this way. Kind of kawaii, kind of graphic.
I think I like it. I guess I like it. I do like it!
It´s giving a new and fresh air to my art, I guess.

Monday, June 29, 2015

Monday doodle

Doodling my morning.. among  coffee, social network and cleaning up my weekend mess
Have an awesome weekend :)

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Little Red

A veces es divertido regresar a cuentos clásicos y darles un toque fresco o pensar... que hubiera pasado si fueran amigos....


Sometimes is fun to go back to classical fairytales and give them a fresh touch or to think.. what would happened if.... they were friends?

Monday, April 27, 2015

Stars Collector

Una de las favoritas de todos... la recolectora de estrellas.. quien cuida de las estrellas para que no dejen de brillar


One of the everyone´s favorites... The stars collector.. she is the on who takes care of the stars in order for them to not stop shining


I always love to illustrate something that could be the beginning of a story, thats why I love this illustration I just did.. two fairies encounter magical forest fairy and a human like cute fairy kid.. are they going to be friends?.. I do think so :)

Thursday, March 12, 2015

A charming singing

Me encantan los cuentos de hadas, las sirenas y la magia sobretodo  últimamente que estado muy clavado en el canto de las sirenas y cómo enamoran a los marineros.
Así que tomé papel y tijeras y surgió esto!

Lo mejor es que ya tengo el print de esta ilustración en etsy!!
I love fairytales, mermaids and magic. Lately I´ve been really into the mermaid´s singing and how the make the sailors fall in love.
So I took some paper and scissors  and this came out!! 

The best part is that I have already the print on my etsy!!!

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

MARZO 2015

Hola! Les presento los bazares en los que estaré en Marzo 2015, venderé libretas, prints, tazas y postales con mis ilustraciones.. que emoción! espero verlos por ahí!
Igualmente pueden darse una vuelta por mi tienditas de etsy


Hi! Presenting the bazars where I´m going to be on March 2015. I´ll be selling sketchbooks, prints, mugs and post cards with my illustrations!... I´m so excited! If you are on México please go! I hope to see you there and remember  I also have some products on my etsy store!