Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Life and finding gay as art.


Once more I´m here writing to you, dear reader who is on the other side of the screen.
Don´t tell…I know…I know, every time I post something I promise I will be constant with the blog but  at the end it turns out that I don´t  post anything in a long time..(usually a year)

Don´t get me wrong,  it is not because I  am not committed to what I do or with you. It´s just that  organisation has never been one of my best qualities, in fact, unfortunately it could be said that I am pro at being messy. However, I have been fighting that, agendas, alarms, motivational quotes, lists, videos and many other things have become my allies  in this  epic war.

Anyway, since my last post I have been doing lots of things and travels. London, Puerto Vallarta, Veracruz, Los Angeles and Burbank are some of the places I have been to and each one of them has given me something new, different and exciting which has added another brick to  the construction of my career in illustration. In terms of work, I have collaborated with a couple of magazines, editorials, a big Tv Network and I was interviewed!( I´m gonna share more in the future) Undoubtedly, my path , despite moving slowly, it keeps moving forward which is the most important thing. Also, as you know, I started an Etsy shop and started going to designers bazaars in Mexico in which I invested a lot of money but I didn't handle it wisely so it was not a good investment. I don´t feel bad about it though, everything is learning.

Personally, my life is going good. As previously mentioned, I´m trying to be organised but also, I have been very reflective, listening to my heart and just creating what it says. Which leads me to the reason why this illustration is here. Being a gay guy has not been  as easy  as it looks but it has not been terrible either, I think. The pink community in which I live my everyday is  greatly  important to me and I can´t separate it from my art. I need to make part of it.

Here, this little Troye, how I called this guy is lying on top a massive pile of plush toys  which represent different types of gay guys. How? Just take a look at them and try to guess…from hunks to bears. Can you spot them?

Guys, thank you very much for coming here and please  let me know hows your life, what inspires you and if you have any advice to be more organised, they are more than welcome!

Thanks again for spending a couple of minutes with me! 

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