Saturday, January 4, 2014

UNA NOCHE part 1

I´ve been very busy  because I´m  on a course of CGI animation at the Academia de San Carlos, here in México and It has been a blast, I love it and I´ve learned so much.
During the course a couple of friends did a stop motion short film called "UNA NOCHE", it was amazing to doing it and even more because I lead the art of it and was amazing to create the clothing, beacuse you may not know but I´m a former costume designer.
If you are curious.. the short film is about 3 minutes and is an adaptation of The Little Matchgirl.
These is part of the art work  I did for UNA NOCHE.

Amalia model

Amalia costume 

 Facial expressions

 Granma model

Concept Ideas


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