Wednesday, December 10, 2014

One of the boys..

OMG!! I havent post anything since august, shame on me!! Obvi nobody is reading this blog, but I promise to me and to somebody who read this that I am going to post more often.
I have been doing a lot of things since  my last post and  when I say a lot... is a lot.
First of all I´m attending to creative mornings here in Mexico, and its amazing, sometimes is inspiring, sometimes is like a wake up call and sometimes just gives you some reflexions on society, but all the speakers  have been  awesome.
Secondly I´ve bee working a lot, I am a contract artist for a company in San Fran!! yas! Im working   remotely and it is cool! sometimes is difficult because I am no that fast yet but I´m enjoying it so much and Im learning like crazy, I feel like been mentored by someone. I´m so thankful for having that opportunity which had led to  my third big  thing in these recent months....  ready?....
I attended for the first time and forever  to CTNX in Burbank California and OMG! I as overwhelming, I met  a lot of talented people and a lot of my inspirations.. my highlights on that experience were  first when I went to  LOVELY: Girls of animation panel  at the center stage gallery and asked about  legacy and Glen Keane, yes you  red it well, GLEN KEANE saw me  an answered it  directly to me. I was total fan girl and almost cried haha!! #Dreamcametrue
The other big moment was my whole Brittney Lee experience, I met her the same day as Glen Keane but I  had the chance to talk to her and tell here that she has been a huge inspiration for me since my days when I was a fashion design student back in 2008  ( at that time she was not even in the line for Disney, so I see her as proof that dreams do really come true) I think that we really hit it off I thought that it was going to be awkward but she was lovely so I gave her an sketchbook I designed and she loved it so much that she gave me her Confetti book.I wasn´t expecting that, I just wanted to gave her something that could inspire her and remind her how important her art has even to me.

OK, I already gave my highlights of CTNX but I will give it whole post because  it was changing experience for me.
For now I want to show you  a couple of  digital guys I did the past days, the face was a testing of how  to  paint digitally and the other guy is the first one I did with a psd brush that I fell confortable with.
Oh! an BTW is the first time that I can sign am illustration with my tablet so that means that Im finall controlling it :D

Its all for now.. see you next week :D

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