Saturday, December 20, 2014

Mr improvement

       After an amazing time at CTN I  learned a lot. I attended to a couple of workshops about color, tones and  illustration. I also asked some artists to give me a piece of advice to improve my illustration. OMG they were so cool and gave me such a feedback. They literally destroyed my work but also highlight a lot of things that I didn't know I had.
         When I came back  home I was stuck, kind of lost with my illustration, I wanted to apply what I learned  but I did´t know how I tried to do several illustrations  but with bad results, some of them were very dark, others  looked weird, some others had troubles with the painting, But after  tons of non-working art I finally did it!!
     The other day I was doodling some things  and I came up with a  a girl smelling a flower and I loved it so I had a deep breath and  worked on it. It was  a lil complicated at the beginning because I did all my tonal studies and colors but after that everything just worked out well. Now that I   have finished the illustration, I feel it very strong and much more solid. I totally see the improvement.
      I used to consider  my Snowboy one of my best works, but now I can see it weaknesses  and how I corrected them in this new art piece.
I really hope you like it and Happy holidays!! :D