Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Lost and found

I know.. I know... I know... I never post illustrations nor sketches here.
Why? I have no idea.

Maybe is because I have been asking myself so many questions about my illustrations like.. why should I do with them? Am I happy with them? What should I draw? What do I want to say with them? Do I really like what I do? kawaii?
To be completely honest I have not found any answer, however, I feel like I´m changing as a person  and it has been affecting my art/design. So far, what I know about me is that I´m not as naif as I thought I was and I needed time to realise  how much I love drawing, refresh my senses and see the world from another perspective. As I mentioned before, I´m changing and part of the changes that I am having and trying to embrace is a need to see male figures as we see females. There´s too much sexiness in the world to be hog by girls!

Well, since I´m trying to embrace what I feel and see, this is my response to my own complaint. Interesting I might say. The inspiration came to me while listening to the great Troye Sivan´s Bite, just felt the song and the image came to my mind. I must say that I tried to do it as a realistic illustration but my  heart said no and pushed me to do it this way. Kind of kawaii, kind of graphic.
I think I like it. I guess I like it. I do like it!
It´s giving a new and fresh air to my art, I guess.

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