Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Etsy is coming!!

Hi everyone!!!
Im hope your having an amazing beginning of the year.
Mine is great I guess. I am  really nervous right now  because I have an amazing new!!
I am about to open my easy shop! yes!! I have been working on a line of sketchbooks and I will be  selling them online through etsy.  I have 4 different designs and they are really cute so I hope you like them when you see them.
The easy shop opening will be tomorrow at night and I will have some opening discounts but i will let you know about it tomorrow.
For now I have a new illustration for you... a mermaid !!.. again....
I really love mermaids, they are my favorite mythological creature. I guess  it is because of the Little Mermaid, even though my favorite Disney movie is Fantasia.
Today´s illustration is a mermaid I designed quite a few years ago ; I´m really in love with her and you can tell that is inspired in a very specific  Ariel moment... I will let you guess...
Hope you like it!!

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